Chicken Stuffed Peppers and Tomatoes

Chicken Stuffed Peppers

Weekdays are quite busy for me trying to balance between heavy work schedule and home. Every day I wake up at 6:30 in the morning. For half an hour, I go around the world checking the news, my mail and whatever happens in social media. At 7:00 I start preparing breakfast for my son and me and arrange whatever my husband and I are going to take for lunch at work. After all this and after having waken my son, I start getting ready for work. I leave home around 8:15 to 8:30 and from that time until late afternoon I am overwhelmed with work.

At 17:00 I run to pick my son from school bus stop and we return home again. During the afternoon, I either stay at home trying to do some household works or I go out to shop supplies for cooking and house. In Greece, apart from the big supermarkets there still exist butchers, greengrocers and bakeries. They can be found in every neighborhood selling their goods. After the supermarket boom of the 80’s and 90’s many people have returned to these little stores. They are not in number as they used to be before the coming of large grocery chains, but lately they have started gaining an increasing number of consumers who consider them to have fresher goods, less industrialized and are supporters of local producers.

Chicken Stuffed Peppers

It is true that buying everything from one place is quite tempting especially for people like me who work and do not have the luxury of spending time running around, plus the fact that supermarkets because of the volume they traffic, they manage to have much better prices. Nevertheless, since I have started buying from such little stores, I realized that although I cannot do anything about time lost, I see a real economy in my wallet. Since prices are a bit more expensive in these stores, I am very careful to buy exactly what I want and I do not fill my basket with useless, excessive produce and goods. I buy small quantities enough for the three of us and I am trying to consume them within the week. In this way, not only do we eat fresh goods but also, I am not throwing anything.

Another advantage of buying from small stores is the personal relationship you develop with the owner of the store. He values you more and tries to have you satisfied. He guides you to whatever is just arrived and is as fresh as it could be. If something you choose is not worth buying, he gently puts forward another option showing you that this might not be right for you. Since I have started following this practice, I watched my fridge being less crowded and my money more wisely spent.

Chicken Stuffed Peppers

At the end of last week, I paid my usual visit to the butcher and the green grocer. I bought some chicken and peppers and tomatoes. Now that temperature has risen above 20’s C here, I thought stuffed peppers and tomatoes (Gemista) should be in order. Gemista are rice and ground beef stuffed peppers and tomatoes and it is a food that is eaten a lot especially during spring, summer and fall when these vegetables are in season. Nevertheless, when Sunday arrived and since I had this chicken in my fridge I changed my mind and decided to stuff my veggies with it and with eggplant and zucchinis. I had them in my fridge also and it was the perfect chance to use them.

It was a delicious dish packed with flavors and a very healthy, light meal. Not only did we enjoy eating it but also, I used all the vegetables I bought.

Chicken Stuffed Peppers


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Chicken Stuffed Peppers and Tomatoes
Author/ Συγγραφέας:
Recipe type/ Τύπος Πιάτου: Main Course
Cuisine/ Κουζίνα: Greek
Ingredients/ Συστατικά
  • 3 chicken breasts about 700 gr. / 1.5 lb, boneless, skinless, diced
  • 7 tomatoes
  • 7 peppers any color
  • 2 zucchinis, cut in small cubes
  • 1 eggplant, peeled and cut in small cubes
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 tsp dried basil
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • ½ tsp dried thyme
  • Salt, pepper
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 chicken bouillon
  • 4 tbsp light or heavy cream
  • 2 tsp double concentrated tomato paste
  • ½ cup melting cheese
  • A small bunch of parsley
  • Olive oil for sautéing
Instructions/ Εκτέλεση
  1. Cut the upper part of the tomatoes and with a spoon empty the tomatoes leaving about 1 cm / less than half inch skin around.
  2. In your blender mash the tomato flesh.
  3. Add the oregano, basil, sugar, thyme, salt and pepper and blend for a second to incorporate.
  4. Cut the upper part of the peppers, remove the seeds and discard them.
  5. Put them aside.
  6. In a skillet pour some olive oil and sauté the onions, eggplant and zucchinis until they start to soften about 10 minutes in medium heat.
  7. Add the tomatoes and the bouillon and boil in medium/low heat for about 5 minutes.
  8. Pour the heavy or light cream and tomato paste and cheese and boil for another 5 minutes.
  9. In the meantime, in another skillet sauté the chicken pieces with some olive oil until half done.
  10. Transfer the chicken pieces to the tomato batter and mix to incorporate.
  11. Preheat oven to 175°C / 350°F.
  12. Stuff the peppers and tomatoes with the chicken.
  13. Take a heavy pan add some olive oil and place the stuffed peppers and tomatoes close to each other.
  14. Pour about a cup of boiling water around the edges of the pan.
  15. Place the pan in the oven and bake for about an hour.
  16. Remove, let rest for five minutes and serve.

5.0 from 3 reviews
Γεμιστά με Κοτόπουλο και Μυρωδικά
Author/ Συγγραφέας:
Recipe type/ Τύπος Πιάτου: Κυρίως Πιάτο
Cuisine/ Κουζίνα: Ελληνική
Ingredients/ Συστατικά
  • 3 στήθη κοτόπουλου χωρίς κόκαλα και πέτσα 700 γρ., κομμένο σε κύβους
  • 7 ντομάτες
  • 7 πιπεριές οποιοδήποτε χρώμα
  • 2 κολοκυθάκια κομμένα σε μικρούς κύβους
  • 1 μελιτζάνα, καθαρισμένη και κομμένη σε μικρούς κύβους
  • 1 κρεμμύδι, ψιλοκομμένο
  • 1 κ.γ. ξερό βασιλικό
  • 1 κ.σ. ξερή ρίγανη
  • ½ κ.γ. ξερό θυμάρι
  • Αλάτι, πιπέρι
  • 1 κ.σ. ζάχαρη
  • 1 ζωμός κότας
  • 4 κ.σ. κρέμα γάλακτος 15% λιπαρών
  • 2 κ.γ. πάστα ντομάτας
  • ½ φλ. κίτρινο τυρί, τριμμένο
  • Ένα μικρό ματσάκι μαϊντανό
  • Ελαιόλαδο για το σοτάρισμα
Instructions/ Εκτέλεση
  1. Κόβουμε το πάνω μέρος από τις ντομάτες και με ένα κουτάλι τις αδειάζουμε, αφήνοντας περίπου 1 cm γύρω γύρω.
  2. Στο μπλέντερ λιώνουμε τη σάρκα από τις ντομάτες.
  3. Προσθέτουμε τη ρίγανη, το βασιλικό, τη ζάχαρη, το θυμάρι, αλάτι και πιπέρι και ανακατεύουμε για ένα δευτερόλεπτο για να ενσωματωθούν.
  4. Κόβουμε το πάνω μέρος από τις πιπεριές, αφαιρούμε τα σπόρια και τα πετάμε.
  5. Τις βάζουμε στην άκρη.
  6. Σε ένα τηγάνι ρίχνουμε λίγο ελαιόλαδο και σοτάρουμε τα κρεμμύδια, τις μελιτζάνες και τα κολοκυθάκια μέχρι να αρχίσουν να μαλακώσουν περίπου 10 λεπτά σε μέτρια φωτιά.
  7. Προσθέτουμε τις ντομάτες και τον ζωμό και βράζουμε σε μέτρια φωτιά για περίπου 5 λεπτά.
  8. Ρίχνουμε την κρέμα γάλακτος και την πάστα ντομάτας και το τυρί και βράζουμε για άλλα 5 λεπτά.
  9. Εν τω μεταξύ, σε ένα άλλο τηγάνι σοτάρουμε το κοτόπουλο με λίγο ελαιόλαδο μέχρι να μισοψηθεί.
  10. Μεταφέρουμε τα κομμάτια κοτόπουλου στο μίγμα ντομάτας και ανακατεύουμε να ενσωματωθούν.
  11. Προθερμαίνουμε το φούρνο στους 175°C.
  12. Γεμίζουμε τις πιπεριές και τις ντομάτες με το κοτόπουλο.
  13. Σε ένα πυρέξ ή βαθύ ταψί προσθέτουμε λίγο ελαιόλαδο και τοποθετούμε τις γεμιστές πιπεριές και ντομάτες κοντά κοντά.
  14. Ρίχνουμε περίπου ένα φλιτζάνι βραστό νερό γύρω από τις άκρες του ταψιού.
  15. Τοποθετούμε το ταψί στο φούρνο και ψήνουμε για περίπου μια ώρα.
  16. Αφαιρούμε, αφήνουμε για πέντε λεπτά και σερβίρουμε.


21 Responses to Chicken Stuffed Peppers and Tomatoes

  1. Sissi says:

    It’s such a pleasure to have small independent shops, isn’t it?
    I love your stuffed vegetables, also because they sound much lighter than ones stuffed with ground meat.

  2. 2
  3. Jennifer says:

    Sounds healthy and delicious!

  4. 3
  5. Miz Helen says:

    Your Chicken Stuffing looks delicious. Hope you are having a fantastic week and thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday. We will look forward to seeing you again real soon!
    Miz Helen

  6. 4
  7. gloria says:

    This look really good Katerina !

  8. 5
  9. Hi Katerina, this would be a great addition to the Tomato theme over at Food on Friday (which is on right now). Each month there are 3 different themes plus a Potluck – so you should always be able to share something. If you would like to join in the fun on a regular basis please schedule a reminder for the second Friday of each month (NZ time). Cheers from Carole’s Chatter

  10. 6
  11. Juliana says:

    Wow Katerina, you are a very busy lady…I have never had stuffed peppers or tomatoes with chicken breast…it sure looks and sounds so tasty…I like the creamy texture of the filling. Thanks for the inspiration…I hope you are enjoying your week :)

  12. 7
  13. mjskitchen says:

    I totally agree about shopping a small stores. You might not be able to everything you can get at a big store as far as products are concerned, but the quality of what you get and personal service makes it a fun shopping experience as opposed to just a chore. I love going to my local market and seeing my “friends” that work there. I can’t believe you were able to get such beautiful peppers so early in the season. Still waiting over here, but once they come in, your chicken stuffed peppers would be a wonderful meal to set on the table. Have never been a fan of the ground beef/bread stuffing, but this chicken and veg stuffing looks very tasty.

  14. 8
  15. Susan says:

    It’s wonderful you have a return of small shops and vendors there, Katerina! Those roasted peppers look beautiful and delicious.

  16. 9
  17. I do enjoy going to the little stores when I have time. Very familar with this recipe filled with meat and rice but I think this chicken version actually sounds better. Realyl pretty presentation.

  18. 10
  19. Jennifer says:

    What an interesting post! You sure are a busy lady! Greece sounds amazing! Must admit I don’t shop many small stores in Panama when it comes to groceries.

  20. 11
  21. I mainly shop at supermarkets, but do have a couple of specialty shops that I frequently use (particularly a butcher and a fish monger). Anyway, lovely dish — SO full of flavor. Thanks!

  22. 12
  23. grace says:

    busy life! and you still make time to cook, which means so much! great dish–your filling is fantastic. :)

  24. 13
  25. Marion says:

    Ωραία ιδέα Κατερίνα.
    Και γεμιστά και λαχανικά και κοτοπουλο.
    Ιδανικό φαί για όλους.

    Φιλιά πολλά

  26. 14
  27. Sues says:

    I love this recipe! I feel like peppers are usually stuffed with ground meat and I’m loving the idea of chicken. And the stuffed tomatoes are so pretty!

  28. 15
  29. Liz says:

    I’d love to have small specialty shops from which to choose my groceries! I’d definitely pick up some peppers, tomatoes and chicken to make your recipe :)

  30. 16
  31. Τι όμορφο, πολύχρωμο και καλοκαιρινό πιάτο!
    Πολύ μου αρέσει που είναι πλούσιο σε λαχανικά και που αυτά συνδυάζονται με κοτόπουλο!
    Σε φιλώ

  32. 17
  33. Kate says:

    I was just telling my husband that although I don’t love the area we live in, I do love the fact that we have small specialized markets – like the Asian market, the Italian market, the Mexican market, the Mexican bakeries, tortillerias, carneserias, etc.

  34. 18
  35. We really miss the wet markets in Asia and we adore the small mom and pop stores in Europe. I know but who has time to visit all of these places. We just need to get dinner on the table. These stuffed and tomatoes peppers are gorgeous and all of the ingredients inside are delicious. Great idea to keep their little caps on too as it makes for a very nice presentation.

  36. 19
  37. Ξανθή says:

    Τι ωραία ιδέα Κατερίνα θα το φτιάξω σύντομα.

  38. 20
  39. What an awesome idea! I know these tasted absolutely beautiful and light! Kudos for supporting the local stores and farmers. I too am doing the same thing even though I have to travel by car 1/2 an hour across the city to do so. 1x a month is all I’m able to manage just like you with my work schedule, but I feel so good in supporting local!

  40. 21
  41. I love all the fresh produce at this time of year…these baked stuffed peppers look very delicious and moreish.

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