Ten Plus Five Delicious Desserts for the Christmas Table

Christmas Day is just a breath away and all of us are trying to plan and schedule our shopping and cooking. I am crazy busy at work and thankfully my mother in law will do all the preparations and have us over for lunch on that day. This is such a relief for me especially this year that 24 hours seem to not be enough for me. Even though I will not cook, I am going to prepare the dessert of the day and as I was browsing my recipes, I realized that I have quite a few worth trying, delicious sweet recipes. Since, Christmas is actually The Fest for sweets, I gathered fifteen desserts and sweets I have made throughout my blogging years and worth the time and effort to make them. I also would like to wish to all of you Merry Christmas with lots of love and happiness.


Diples 1b

Christmas Buttery Cookies, Kourabiedes

Kourabiedes 1a

Chocolate Mont Blanc

Chocolate Mont Blanc 3a


Little Chocolate Baklava Bites

Chocolate Baklava 8a


Chestnut Chocolate Mousse Torte

Chestnut Chocolate Torte 3a


Dark Chocolate Torte with Strawberry Jell



Greek Style Macarons

Greek Style Macarons


Peppermint Laced Chocolate Mousse Torte

Peppermint Chocolate Torte 2


Triple Chocolate and Chestnut Torte



Limoncello Zabaglione and Amaretti



Ekmék Kataifi


All Time Classic Creme Caramel

Creme Caramel 1a

Lemon Chocolate Tart


Oreo Cookies Torte


Chocolate Parfait

Chocolate Parfait 2a


Merry Christmas to you and your families!

New recipe will be up on Tuesday 27th of December!

24 Responses to Ten Plus Five Delicious Desserts for the Christmas Table

  1. Miz Helen says:

    What a great Dessert Collection, it looks fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome recipe with us at Full Plate Thursday! Hope you are having a wonderful week and hope to see you soon!
    Miz Helen

  2. 2
  3. Sissi says:

    I never forget how impressive your desserts are…. You will not believe me but I prepare your chocolate marquise (the chocolate cake without baking, I hope I remember well the name…) every single Christmas. My husband asks for it, everyone loves it and I’m so thrilled to have a recipe for such an easy and delicious cake. This is why I always think of you at Christmas time. I hope you have spent a wonderful time with your family and had some rest you have merited. I have also worked practically till the last moment before Christmas…

  4. 3
  5. Fiona says:

    Thank you dear Katerina for sharing these delicious desserts. I love the fact that you have special twists on traditional favourites.
    Have you ever thought about publishing a cookbook? Your recipes are all keepers.
    Season’s Greetings from across the Med!

  6. 4
  7. Beth says:

    Everything looks exquisite. I hope you had a wonderful (and relaxing) Christmas! Take care and enjoy the holidays.

  8. 5
  9. Quiero probar cada uno de estos ricos postres,Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo,abrazos.

  10. 6
  11. Liz says:

    SO many magnificent desserts, Katerina!!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!!! xoxo

  12. 7
  13. mia maria says:

    Πολύ όμορφα όλα! Καλές γιορτές Κατερίνα μου, με υγεία και ευτυχία!

  14. 8
  15. They all look wonderful! I can’t make up my mind, which one to start first.Happy holidays..

  16. 9
  17. I already knew you have ana amazing collection of desserts. Glad you get less kitchen stress this year. Happy holidays xoxo

  18. 10
  19. NancyC says:

    All of these holiday desserts look wonderful!

  20. 11
  21. Monica says:

    I am definitely drooling. Love them all but all the chocolate ones grab my attention first. It would be a treat to have any one of these desserts on the Christmas table. Merry Christmas and all the best for a happy and happy New Year!

  22. 12
  23. Louise says:

    Oh dear Katerina, I can “hear” the hustle and bustle of the holiday season in your voice. Thank goodness you will be getting some help from your Mom-In-Law:)

    Each and every post of sweetness looks as delicious as the other. I will take one of each please:) Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us…

    As you know, I am no longer blogging. Although, I did do a recent update on my blog to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your wonderful posts these years. It has been endearing getting to know you and your family through your blog these past years. (I learned a lot too:) Thank you so much for your generous servings dear Katerina. May you have a wonderful Christmas holiday and a Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year!!!

  24. 13
  25. Happy holidays to you and your family! This round up rocks, all of my favorites. Pinning!

  26. 14
  27. Sandra says:

    Oh my gosh these look amazing!

  28. 15
  29. Πόση ομορφιά συγκεντρωμένη σε μία ανάρτηση!
    Λάτρεψα τις δίπλες, το ζαμπαγιόνε και το παρφέ :)
    Εύχομαι ολόψυχα καλές γιορτές, με υγεία και αγάπη!

  30. 16
  31. Susan says:

    A beautiful round-up of delicious holiday treats, Caterina! I’ll have a little of each one :)

  32. 17
  33. Marion says:

    Νομίζω θα μπορούσα να κανω τραπέζι μόνο με τα γλυκά σου Κατερίνα.
    Ολα είναι ένα κι ένα. Υπέροχα!!

    Καλές Γιορτές με υγεία :)

    Τα φιλιά μου

  34. 18
  35. manu says:

    All these desserts are stunning!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wishing you Merry Christmas.

  36. 19
  37. Kate says:

    I feel like I was so ahead of the game, but now that we’re days away I’m realizing I have a lot to do!

  38. 20
  39. Sues says:

    Loving absolutely everything here! That creme caramel looks perfect, but omg that chocolate parfait!!

  40. 21
  41. gloria says:

    All look wonderful Katerina!
    Merry Christmas!

  42. 22
  43. Pam says:

    Great desserts, Katerina and I’d like a taste of them all! The Ekmék Kataifi looks unique and refreshing and love all the chocolate. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  44. 23
  45. Each of your desserts are works of art. If they were all laid out on a table, I don’t know which one I would choose.

  46. 24
  47. wow..I am drooling…so festive and tempting!
    Have a great holiday season!

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