Roasted, Cumin Cauliflower Pasta with Tahini Sauce

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Η συνταγή και στα ελληνικά στο τέλος της ανάρτησης!

As a child, I was a very bad eater. I was so thin my mom was always afraid of my health. With this in mind, I will tell you a very funny incident that happened to me many years ago.

I was about four years old and we were travelling in the northern part of Greece for Christmas. Back in the 70’s my mom was unable to find decent clothes in my very thin size and so she taught herself to sew. She made some really nice things for me back then. One of them and I remember it quite well, was a red cape with a white fur collar, matched with a rounded red hat with a white pom-pom on top. I have pictures of this outfit and I must say I was quite cute looking like the Red Riding Hood.

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Anyway, one night we were visiting Panorama in Thessaloniki (you can find more details about the place and a recipe here) where the wind blows really strong and I was wondering around admiring the view. In a moment a strong gust of wind started to blow and somehow the wind sneaked underneath my cape transforming me into a mushroom. I felt like lifting and indeed I started walking like a ballerina in my tiptoes. My mom saw me and screamed to my dad, who immediately ran and grabbed me. I am telling you, if it wasn’t for him, I would have flown in the skies like Mary Poppins. That thin and light weighted I was!

I hated broccoli and cauliflower. I didn’t want to hear anything about tomatoes and flat beans. I refused to even discuss about artichoke and asparagus. Literally, I grew up with milk and eggs. I gave my poor mom a very hard time indeed!

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Cauliflower back then, was not an option for me. The stupid thing was, that I didn’t even try them out to see if I liked them or not. I was making my decision only by their looks. Things started to change as I was growing up and the biggest change took place when I went to the US to study and had to live by myself. I had to cook my own meal and because of my reminiscence of homemade food, I started cooking meals I have never tried in my life.

Cauliflower was one of them. I can only tell you one thing, I love it! I can eat it in any way you like. When I saw a recipe in Saveur for roasted cauliflower with cumin, I immediately jumped to the idea. I thought of combing it with pasta and I had a vase of tahini on my counter crying for attention. Couple of years ago I saw a pasta dish with tahini sauce in a Greek magazine and with that in my mind I decided to combine both these dishes.

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It is a very unique meal packed with controversial flavors. The cauliflower comes out bold with the addition of cumin and paprika, while the pasta has a sweet, earthy, light flavor from the tahini and the honey. We really enjoyed it and this pasta dish is definitely a meal I will make again. Also, if you don’t want to make pasta, you can have the cauliflower on its own as a salad. It is absolutely perfect!

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5.0 from 6 reviews
Roasted, Cumin Cauliflower Pasta with Tahini Sauce
Author/ Συγγραφέας:
Recipe type/ Τύπος Πιάτου: Main Course
Cuisine/ Κουζίνα: International
Ingredients/ Συστατικά
For the Cauliflower
  • 1 cauliflower head, cut in small bouquets
  • ⅓ cup olive oil
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • ½ tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp salt
  • ¼ to ½ tsp pepper
  • ¼ tsp onion powder
  • 500 gr. spaghetti
For the Tahini Sauce
  • 1 cup tahini
  • 6 tsp honey
  • 2 to 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 to 1 ½ cup water
  • Sesame for sprinkling
Instructions/ Εκτέλεση
  1. Preheat oven to 250° C / 500° F.
  2. In a bowl mix the olive oil, cumin, paprika, salt, pepper and onion powder.
  3. Place a parchment paper on a large pan and scatter the cauliflower bouquets.
  4. Sprinkle with the olive oil batter to cover all of them.
  5. Bake for about 25 minutes or until they start becoming soft.
  6. In the meantime prepare the tahini sauce by combining all the ingredients in a bowl and put it aside.
  7. Boil the pasta according to your liking.
  8. Drain the pasta and pour the tahini sauce over it.
  9. Mix until it goes everywhere.
  10. Serve in separate dishes and top them with the roasted cauliflower.
  11. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.
Notes/ Σημειώσεις
Freely adapted from saveur and other Greek magazines

5.0 from 6 reviews
Ψητό Κουνουπίδι με Κύμινο και Σπαγγέτι με Σαλτσα Ταχινιού
Author/ Συγγραφέας:
Recipe type/ Τύπος Πιάτου: Κυρίως Πιάτο
Cuisine/ Κουζίνα: Διεθνής
Ingredients/ Συστατικά
  • 1 μέτριο κουνουπίδι, κομμένο σε μικρά μπουκέτα
  • ⅓ φλ. ελαιόλαδο
  • 1 κ.γ. κύμινο
  • ½ κ.γ. πάπρικα
  • 1 κ.γ. αλάτι
  • ¼ έως ½ κ.γ. πιπέρι
  • ¼ κ.γ. σκόνη κρεμμύδι
  • 500 γρ. σπαγγέτι
Για τη Σάλτσα Ταχινιού
  • 1 φλ. ταχίνι
  • 6 κ.γ. μέλι
  • 2 έως 3 σκελίδες σκόρδο, λιωμένο
  • Χυμό από 1 λεμόνι
  • 1 έως 1 ½ φλ. νερό
  • Σουσάμι για το πασπάλισμα
Instructions/ Εκτέλεση
  1. Προθερμαίνετε το φούρνο στους 250° C.
  2. Σε ένα μπολ ανακατέψτε το ελαιόλαδο, το κύμινο, την πάπρικα, το αλάτι, το πιπέρι και το κρεμμύδι σε σκόνη.
  3. Τοποθετήστε ένα αντικολλητικό χαρτί σε ένα μεγάλο ταψί και σκορπίστε το κουνουπίδι.
  4. Πασπαλίστε με το ελαιόλαδο για να καλυφθούν όλα τα κομμάτια.
  5. Ψήστε για περίπου 25 λεπτά ή μέχρι να αρχίσουν να μαλακώνουν.
  6. Στο μεταξύ ετοιμάστε τη σάλτσα από ταχίνι συνδυάζοντας όλα τα υλικά σε ένα μπολ και βάλτε το στην άκρη.
  7. Βράστε τα ζυμαρικά σύμφωνα με τις προτιμήσεις σας.
  8. Ρίξτε τη σάλτσα από ταχίνι στα ζεστά ζυμαρικά και ανακατέψτε μέχρι να πάει παντού.
  9. Σερβίρετε σε χωριστά πιάτα και πάνω τους βάλτε το ψητό κουνουπίδι.
  10. Σκορπίστε λίγο σουσάμι από πάνω.
Notes/ Σημειώσεις
Συνταγή ελεύθερη προσαρμογή από το saveur και άλλα ελληνικά περιοδικά


42 Responses to Roasted, Cumin Cauliflower Pasta with Tahini Sauce

  1. This looks awesome! Creamy and yummy, but still healthy! I can’t wait to try it. Pinned it for later. Thanks!

  2. 2
  3. I love roasted cauliflower! Thanks for linking up. I’ve pinned your recipe to the Creative K Kids Tasty Tuesday pinterest board. We hope you’ll join us again for tomorrow’s party.

  4. 3
  5. erin says:

    Great recipe- pinned it. I love cauliflower and those flavors sound great together. Found your blog on What’d you do this weekend link party and started following on Google +.


  6. 4
  7. Miz Helen says:

    Hi Katrina,
    This is a beautiful pasta dish that we would really enjoy. The Tahini Sauce would give it a very special flavor. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you again real soon!
    Miz Helen

  8. 5
  9. mila furman says:

    OMG I love this recipe! I roast cauliflower all the time!!! Never thought to put it on pasta!!! Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for linking with us at #foodiefridays!

  10. 6
  11. Thanks for coming and linking up at #The Weekend Social. Please be sure to come back next week starting Thursdays at 9PM EST on ! I hope to see you there!

  12. 7
  13. τώρα που μπαίνω σιγά σιγά σε πρόγραμμα βλέπω πως έχω χάσει πολλά επεισόδια από σένα…… :)
    μπράβο κατερίνα!
    (και νηστίσιμη η συνταγή σου)

  14. 8
  15. Kathy says:

    Katerina…I adore roasted cauliflower all by itself…but the pasta with tahini sauce must take this dish somewhere wonderful! Can’t wait to give this one a try!

  16. 9
  17. ενδιαφέρον ακουγεται το κουνουπίδι με το ταχίνι!

  18. 10
  19. What a healthy and wonderful dish! They look tasty together..

  20. 11
  21. This looks great! We all like cauliflower here although I have never tried it roasted. Not sure why, because I roast pretty much every other veggie! But we’ll definitely try this. My husband’s father was Lebanese and the kids have grown up with tahini…I know this will be a hit. Thank you so much for sharing it with us at Foodie Fridays…pinning!

  22. 12
  23. grace says:

    i love seeing tahini used in recipes for things other than hummus! this dish looks wonderful. :)

  24. 13
  25. Joanne says:

    I can’t believe you really almost blew away! Crazy.

    I love the sound of this tahini sauce with the pasta AND the roasted cauli. Such tastiness all around.

  26. 14
  27. Sissi says:

    I love this way to serve cauliflower, especially the tahini sauce. I have never tried cauliflower with sesame paste… I will remember your recipe when cauliflowers appear.
    (Cauliflower wasn’t my hate food… actually I think I disliked only lettuce and was a horrible carnivore 😉 ).

  28. 15
  29. Juliana says:

    Broccoli and cauliflower were not my favorite as well…but get to enjoy as I got older…like the idea of roasting the cauliflower…nice pasta, like the creamy tahini sauce.
    Hope you are enjoying your week Katerina 😀

  30. 16
  31. I love roasted cauliflower and I bet cumin is wonderful on it. I never would have thought to use tahini, but it makes total sense. Thanks Kat for tasty inspiration.

  32. 17
  33. Really digging this pasta cauliflower dish, the tahini sauce sounds wonderful, very clever.

  34. 18
  35. I have never been a bad eater but I have always dislike cauliflower–until I learned that roasting it makes it SO delicious! I love all the flavors here, especially the tahini sauce!

  36. 19
  37. When, I was a little kid I never liked cauliflower either. However, roasted it is very sweet and delicious and this pasta sounds dreamy. Take Care, BAM

  38. 20
  39. Michelle says:

    This sounds wonderful! I love tahini!

  40. 21
  41. This looks delicious. I love tahini in a pasta sauce, will have to try it with this cauliflower!

  42. 22
  43. Liz says:

    I just want to pluck those roasted cauliflower fleurets right off the screen…they look SO tasty! And I bet they’re terrific with the tahini pasta!

  44. 23
  45. This sounds delicious, Katerina. A lot of flavors going on in here. I do want to try this.

  46. 24
  47. Delicious pasta dish and I love the cauliflower and you prepared it. It is sort of like cold noodles with a peanut sauce only this is tahini, I think its incredibly creative and delicious sounding.

  48. 25
  49. I love roasted cauliflower. What a yummy idea to top this pasta with it Katerina!

  50. 26
  51. Balvinder says:

    I make cauliflower with quinoa, then why not with pasta? It looks fabulous!

  52. 27
  53. Zaza says:

    Your roasted cauliflower is absolutely fantastic!!! Good idea for a dinner :)

  54. 28
  55. Susan says:

    I was a skinny little girl too. I would get an upset stomach just sitting down at the dinner table. What a sight you must have been puffing up with the wind to fly away :) Luckily, we outgrow our fear of food. This looks wonderful, Katerina!

  56. 29
  57. Kecia says:

    I adore roast cauliflower, putting it on pasta with this wonderful sauce is such a fantastic idea! Love this!

  58. 30
  59. What a delicious pasta this is, full of great spice and flavour 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  60. 31
  61. marcela says:

    Oh! I just bought tahini! Now I’m pretty sure that I’ll use your recipe!:)

  62. 32
  63. Hahaha…Katerina, your story sounds so similar to mine. I was skinny too and in fact I have always been underweight till last year. Thanks to thyroid, I put on 5 kilos and now I am at my normal weight. With my lean frame people pass me off as being in my late twenties when I am about to hit forties 😛

    The pasta sounds sensational. I look forward to easy and light meals these days and this one sounds perfect as it is light and has great flavors too.

  64. 33
  65. Debi says:

    Gorgeous! I just bought cauliflower and cannot wait to try this!

  66. 34
  67. Jen says:

    I love all the flavors in this, it looks and sounds incredible!!!

  68. 35
  69. Platter Talk says:

    Love the flavors and photos in this post; so beautifully done!

  70. 36
  71. Roasted, Cumin Cauliflower Pasta with Tahini Sauce sounds utterly fantastic and something I would love to make. Stunning!!!

  72. 37
  73. This looks amazing! Cannot wait to try it!

  74. 38
  75. I recently made roasted cauliflower for the first time and fell in love with it. Your dish looks fabulous.

  76. 39
  77. You still look very thin these days :-))
    Your cauliflower pasta looks fantastic, Katerina.

  78. 40
  79. What a flavorful looking meal! I love cauliflower, but must admit that I wasn’t fond of it as a child either. Good thing we grow into our taste buds :)

  80. 41
  81. Kate says:

    I’m not a big cauliflower fan, but I feel like anything would be good with pasta as a base!

  82. 42
  83. Ola says:

    Katerina, it sounds interesting, I have never tried to bake it! I wonder how it tastes and whethet it softens.
    Lucky you, thin children will be thin when they grow up:)

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